Brixo Building Blocks

Today, we will be talking about a neat technology – Brixo Blocks.

According to the Brixo KICK STARTER campaign, “Brixo building blocks bring your designs to life with electronic sensors, motors and connected apps.” What this means is you can possibly build anything you could imagine, and make it have sound, light, the ability to move in some way, and even Bluetooth capabilities. Brixo is trying to create wireless, IoT devices.

What are IoT devices, you ask? IoT stands for “Internet of Things”. Basically an IoT device, is an electronic device that can connect via a network to other devices of without having a human to manually control it. That’s a very simple definition.

An example is if you built a sensor from these Brixo blocks, then put the sensor on a wall (at a certain height) near the door to garage. Every time that you walk by it you trip the sensor. Maybe another one of these Brixo Block IoT devices you build, flip the light switch automatically so your hard-wired garage lights come on. Both IoT devices (the sensor and the light switch flipper) talk to each other over your home network. You don’t have to do anything!

I hope you understand that example. As always please comment down below for clarification.

The KICKSTARTER campaign actually took place a year ago, but they’ve kept it updated, and supposedly are starting to ship product to the contributors. It will be interesting to see if full scale IoT devices are created and made public by the purchasers.

Links Cited: 

To see the KICK STARTER campaign: Brixo – Building Blocks Meet Electricity and IoT

They also have a website here: Brixo Toys



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