Vertical Farms – Negative Ecological Effects

Several days ago, I wrote about how I thought Vertical Farms were the future. If you missed it, here’s a link: Why Vertical Farms Are Great!

I still think they are great and I still think they are going to be the future, but they do have some drawbacks.

In the previous article, I wrote how great the Vertical Farms would work because of the reduction of destruction from insects (and by default insecticides to the environment) and wildlife. That’s still true.

Let me ask you the same question I was asked after I did my initial post.

That question is “What are the birds going to eat?”

That’s a valid question!

If we put our farming indoors, all those annoying insects won’t have anything to eat (crops). When organisms can’t access their food, one of two things happen. They either die or they migrate, both of which reduce the population of that organism in a particular area.

Back to the bugs – If we move our crops indoors, the insects on the outside have nothing to feed on, so they leave the area. The birds in that same area now have scarce food, so again, they either die or migrate. Now we’ve got under-population of species in the area that used to be crop fields, and over-population elsewhere. Everything along the food chain is affected from the tiny, little insects to bigger predators (including ones that are considered to be nuisances like wild hogs and coyotes).

We already have issues with wildlife coming into urban areas (although, I’d argue we are the ones that took over their homes, but I digress). Think about how much of an increase in nuisance animal activity in some urban areas we would see.

Of course everything we do have benefits and drawbacks. It’s a balancing act. Much thought needs to be had on this, because for all the changes in the world happening today, and though me may not see the effects for decades, this one has huge implications moving forward.



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