Old School – “No Literacy Without Books”

Today I was reading an article about the benefits of reading on Pages Unbound Reviews: Are We Failing Students By Not Turning Them Into Readers?

You can read that article here.


One of the benefits of reading is literacy.

Here was a comment from the article. 

Actually, this comment was NOT from the article, rather it was part of a comment one of the readers left in the comment section!

“But if you’re not reading actual books, you’re not getting the literacy benefits.”*

*Let me quickly note that this comment was left in response to a study on the amateur writing found on sites like Reddit and Buzzfeed.

Although clearly not exactly what the commenting member meant in its entirety, let’s say for the sake of argument that it was.

I think there is a lot of value in reading what is posted on the internet, however, its all in WHAT is being read. I agree that Reddit (oh gosh!) and BuzzFeed aren’t appropriate for learning and becoming literate, however, there are many blogs written by professionals in just about any field you can think of, academic journals, research journals, news websites (although, not so much anymore – most journalism sucks nowadays), legal research and other similar materials out there that I believe are great resources for reading. (Yes, I read the above mentioned for fun!).

Well, that means you think books are useless!

Au contraire, mon cher!

I think books are great and they absolutely should be read. There is a lot of value in reading those books. Two of my favorite novels of all time are “1984” (George Orwell) and “Frankenstein” (Mary Shelley) – I totally need to re-read that book!

*****I want to thank all who commented on this post! I value the feedback and it helps me communicate more effectively!


  1. Thanks for linking! I would like to clarify that the quote you cite is indeed from a comment left on the post and not from the post itself. It’s perhaps also worth noting that the comment is referring to the results of a study that was done on literacy. I don’t believe the comment meant to suggest that reading things other than books is not beneficial in any way. Certainly readers can find plenty of useful information in other formats and they may also wish to write in other formats and so might read newspaper articles, blogs, etc. to get a sense of how those genres work.

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  2. The comment about Buzzfeed and Reddit was referring to an actual study conducted by experts, though, where they concluded that reading “good” writing is better for your own writing than than “amateur” writing. And Buzzfeed and Reddit were the examples that that study used to reference amateur writing, considering they’re primarily contributions from contributors (though Buzzfeed does have staff writers, too, of course). I agree that you could argue that if you’re reading “good” writing online, or in magazines, or whatever, that’s probably good for your own reading and writing, too, and you don’t necessarily have to be reading a printed book.

    My point was that people often reference the fact that today we probably read more than ever: online, texts, emails, social media, etc. But it’s not necessarily “good” writing (though you could have all kinds of arguments over what “good” means, too, of course). If you want to improve your reading and writing, you probably want to read stuff written by professionals. Books are a good place to start. But, yes, stuff written online by experts is good, too.

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